Oil Change

The Ol’ Rag Trick.

I decided to expose a few tricks of the trade so-to-speak. When it comes to getting your oil changed you can at times be uncertain about whether or not it is being done right. I thought thought the best way would be to expose a few of the ol’ tricks so you would and will know what to look for at your next oil change.

First up the ol’ rag stuffing trick. So under your car there is an oil pan. What that is is a reservoir for all of your oil to sit in, the engine sucks the oil up from the reservoir while you drive to lubricate the engine components. On the bottom of the oil pan is a port plug. If you unscrew the port you are able to drain the oil from the pan. This is how the oil change process starts.

The problem with the oil port plug is that if you wreck it when you pull it out of the oil pan you have a situation on your hands. Number one you will not be able to change the oil because it could leak out if it doesn’t seal properly. Number two if you messed up the threads on the oil pan and not just the post you might end up having to re-tap the treads and getting a different size port plug. Re-taping is when you ether chase the existing treads or make new treads of a bigger opening.

With each car manufacturer there are many different size port plugs, and you can imagine how many there might just be out there.  So naturally quick oil change type places do not carry the extra parts. Ordering them is there only option wen the mess up. problem is you came to get you oil changed quick right?

This is where the ol’ rag trick started. Here is how it goes. You go to get you oil changed. They mess up the port plug some how, probably just in a hurry, and now they have no way of adding new oil. Most mechanics would get laughed at if someone found out they did this, and the get scared. The manager is on them constantly, they need to move volumes of cars to meet there quota. So the mechanic takes a rag and stuff’s it hard into the port hold creating a temporary seal. Next he completes the oil change and your good to go. So you think.

Usually you can drive quite awhile on a rag, surprisingly! Eventually though what usually happens is the rag fails and you loose your oil pressure. This will cause engine failure. Your engine can become seized up extremely quick when this happens. You want to blame the guy responsible, but how could you prove it wasn’t a the port that just fell out on it’s own? You can’t.

So what to look for and how to avoid the scam. This on can be a bit difficult to see. What you are going to have to do is get down flat on the grown and locate the oil pan. Once you see it you will notice it is all smooth except where the port is located. Shine a flash light on that making sure the port is in place.

Synthetic oil vs. regular oil, or (conventional oil).


  1. Is synthetic oil better than conventional oil? Yes it is. And the reason is it has more additives, and it’s more of a Next Generation oil “improved.” But as many of you know there is a proper application of when to use synthetic vs. when not to use synthetic.
  2. Is synthetic oil best for high performance engines some would ask? The answer is no. Although some manufacturers recommend synthetic oil for the use in their vehicles they can also be used in older vehicles. For instance if you look at the Corvette motor the manufacturer recommends synthetic Mobil 1 oil. That does not mean you can’t use it in a 1916 jalopy.
  3. Does synthetic oil cause leaks? A lot of people have said that synthetic oil causes leaks in older engines is this true? The answer is no. What happens is in an older engine that is already warn get an oil change and when they change it they switch from conventional oil to synthetic. All of a sudden they noticed that they have leaks in their engines.So easiest thing to blame in their mind is the use of synthetic oil and that created the league. Simply stated this is not true. What does is synthetic oils are thinner and have a lower viscosity than conventional oil. Having a lower viscosity the oil finds and is able to penetrate smaller leaks than conventional oil. So if you have an older vehicle you might want to think twice about switching over to synthetic oil.
  4. Why does synthetic oil make my engine louder? The reason synthetic oil make your engine louder is because synthetic oil allows the engine to move more freely. In other words there is less pressure around the moving parts allowing the parts to be more free hints: louder.
  5. Are synthetic oils and conventional oil the same viscosity or thickness?  Yes. You have to understand there’s a difference between viscosity and flow rate. When you buy to oil jugs one being synthetic and the other being regular and they’re both 10 w40 you get the same viscosity. This is where people get confused. just because oil has the same viscosity doesn’t mean it has the same flow rate.
  6. Should I use synthetic oil in my car? That all depends on the age and the use of your car. If your car is newer by all means go ahead and use synthetic oils. as that car gets older though let’s say 10 years from now should you still be using synthetic oils in my car well it depends. if you have high mileage it might behoove you to start using conventional oil. The reason is synthetic oils will be able to slip past some of your moving parts because of the flow rate, and it will cause more knocking, and expose leaks in the future. If you already have an old car, and are thinking about going to synthetic oil just stay with conventional oil you’ll be better off. Yes synthetic oil is better, but conventional motor oil is better at hiding leaks. also conventional oil makes it so the knocking and clunking sounds in your engine or less audible. Synthetic oils move past those moving parts easier and make these sounds more audible. it’s not like those moving parts weren’t already doing what it sounds like they’re doing on synthetic, it’s just more audible.

Listen to your gut…


    I have always felt that I have a pretty good sense of people.  In other words… I can usually tell if someone is honest or not.  There is just a gut feeling I get when I first meet people.  However, I’m not always correct or if I am suspicious I don’t always know what action to take.  For the most part I will leave if I’m uncomfortable but there are times that I feel like I want to give someone a chance and so I’ll stay…against my better judgment.

Check out this video that proves our story.              

   So, to get to my point, I went to have my oil changed the other day in Gilbert AZ at a well known national company that rhymes with pithy tube.  The moment I drove in I felt like things weren’t going to go good but instead of listening to my gut I continued on.  The first problem was that the young man gave me a quote for the highest priced service and for an oil that I don’t use in my car.  To his credit when I mentioned that my car doesn’t use full synthetic oil he went and checked and came back with the correct type of oil and a different price.  But still it was a lot higher than oil change prices typically are but he told me the reason for that is because they can get me in and out in a real quick hurry.  So, since I’m like a lot of people are now a days, and don’t want to wait long, I decided to proceed with the oil change.  The price included vacuuming and washing the windows so that seemed to take a little of the punch out of the price.  So, thinking that $69.00 was the highest I’ve ever paid for an oil change I set in the waiting room biting my nails and wondering what possessed me.  Well, I’m sure you know there is more to this story.  So, I waited a little while and soon I was called up to the counter.  The technician had a filthy air filter in his hand with a tear in it.  His story was that I needed to buy a new filter because when they went to check mine it was soooo dirty that when he went to pull it out it got stuck and ripped.  Of course that will be another $39.99.  I was stunned but thought that if it’s been torn of course it needs to be replaced now, and yes it does look filthy.  As I set back down in my chair waiting for them to finish up I began to feel like they had just tricked me but I had no way of proving it.  So the only thing I could think of was to ask for the old filter so I could take it home and have my husband have a look at it. The final bill was over $120 because of the taxes and my ignorance at not listening to my gut in the first place.  I left that place in Gilbert Arizona more than a little upset.  Ready to tell anyone who would listen what had just happened to me.  And oh…the icing on the cake was that I know they did not vacuum my car or wash the windows.  My car wasn’t all that dirty but I certainly would have been able to tell if they had vacuumed.  So the moral of this story is listen to your gut. Lesson learned….again. 

If you don’t change your oil you’ll end up changing your car!

Do you know anybody that doesn’t change the oil? There’s always that one guy that hasn’t changed the oil in years. Why is it that all these people seem to be surprised when their car dies?

Don’t be one of these people. Oil is like the lifeblood of a car it’s what keeps the engine running and you rollin down the road. It might seem like it would be easier to just leave it. Just let her ride. Well let me ask you this does it seem easy to walk 410 miles in the Arizona sun because he decided not to change your oil?

Corvette, 427
Corvette, 427

It can happen to anyone we can forget to change your oil and without realizing it we’re putting a lot of unneeded stress on the moving parts of the engine. With this site we want to show you the importance of changing oil, and tell you a few stories of things that have happened to us personally. Make sure you stick around and learn a few tips and tricks of how to change your own oil, or even what to look for when someone else is changing your oil. You don’t want to be left  feeling like you’ve been taken. There are a lot of terrible quick oil change type places out there that take advantage of  people. Here we  just want to be able to trust them. Which in all honesty we should be able to just drop our cars off and have our way with changed, but unfortunately we can’t. So I’d like to teach you a few tips and tricks to look for when getting your oil changed.